Actually, we all know how it goes: implementation follows strategy, strategy follows vision. So like this:

Before you develop a strategy for your plan, get clear about what you want to achieve in the first place. What goal is so attractive and appealing that you will take on obstacles to achieve it? Which image of the future fills you with energy, makes you glow from within, activates your gray matter, and won’t let you go?

Only when you have internalized YOUR image with all your senses, you start with the strategy – the red thread on your inner map. And at the very end comes the implementation.

Isn’t that clear?

Why is it that in many companies there is a lot of busy actionism, a huge number of projects which, on closer examination, have absolutely nothing to do with a common strategy?

  • Because short-termism dominates companies. Day-to-day problems, the competition, intransigent customers, internal squabbles. Instead of a long-term strategy, there are many projects that plug the holes in the short term and hide the fact that the whole sock is getting thin. “We’re doing what we can, that’s really all we can do.”

At this point, at the latest, there is fire on the roof. Get off the merry-go-round as quickly as possible! Sit down on a bench in the park (in technical jargon: you go into “retreat” with your core team), let the buzzing head slowly settle down and then – allow real future.

  • Because strategic action means consistently saying “no.” On the way to your goal, you will encounter seductive ideas and opportunities – which are attractive in the short term, but do not lead to your goal in the long term.

Important! Compare every new idea with your strategy – does the idea pay into the goal achievement – do it! If not – put it in the trash can.

  • Because the road to the top will be sweaty and fraught with setbacks, and success will be a long time coming. That’s when you can get nervous and start to doubt.

Recall your longed-for goal in all its facets! And hopefully you will have companions along the way who will stop for a moment with you and look at the distance they have already successfully covered.

  • Because sometimes the vision is not a real vision. Many companies have “monetary visions”… let’s be honest… what employee is going to be swept off their feet by the idea of putting all their energy into making sure the owner has more money in their account at the end of the day?

Monetary successes are ALWAYS only the result of a person’s desire, which draws others into its wake and inspires them.