I sit in front of my laptop and prepare a workshop. I design. And delete again. the flow is missing. But time is pressing. In the past, despair would have spread through my mind by now at the latest.

Today I grab my dog and we go out into the fresh air. I keep the topic of the workshop loosely in mind. First of all, I want to fill up on oxygen. I walk the usual round so as not to drain my brain of unnecessary energy. And in my mind I juggle ideas for the workshop like balls in the air, some I throw right back into the wind, some I toss up and down more often. Very loosely. And in between I throw my dog a real ball and laugh about his flying ears when he runs after his prey full of joy.

In this way, I activate an idea generator in my brain, the so-called “narrative circuit” – and thus create loose connections between existing and new ideas without pressure, which condense as if by themselves and provide me with the idea I need seemingly out of nowhere. And that only works if we don’t focus too much on one topic, but give our thoughts space.

Oh yes, when the idea is there, I speak a message to my cell phone!
Because ideas are very fleeting at this stage of realization.