Business nuts to crack

When the facts change, do you change your mind? Why? Why not?
Rolf Dobelli

Do you also nibble on business nuts?
  • The team discusses a topic repeatedly, the argumentation goes round in circles, there is no solution in sight.
  • The project is stuck, the obstacles increase, and so do the costs.
  • he marketing expenses are respectable, but unfortunately the market share is not.
  • The brand communication misses the target group. The success of the new product launch is a long time coming. The other department is certainly to blame. Or the competition.
  • The presentation for the customer or the board of directors contains many details, but unfortunately the essentials are not visible.
My Nutcracker Offer
  • I bring overview, structure and clarity back into your projects and topics, together with you and your team.

  • We sharpen the focus in internal and external communication after we have made the goals clear.

  • We leave out what is holding you and your team back and deal with a sustainable and success-oriented solution finding.

My approach
  • Tell me about your current business problem. I’ll listen to you.
  • We decide whether I bring in the right expertise.
  • I develop a suitable process with you, a bulging method case and all my experience in the luggage.
  • And then we go about finding a solution.

Every company, every person and every topic deserves individual solutions.