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Management Consulting & Coaching

Finding customized solutions with and for others and generating passion for action

Main focus

“Brain” Special

How do we motivate ourselves? How do we make decisions? Do we really need suffering pressure to change? Take a look behind the scenes with me and discover the exciting workings of our brain. And how we can use the findings of neuroscience in everyday business life. Read more…

Development of people

With others, we see very clearly when and how they stand in their own way. With ourselves, we often have the feeling that others are standing in our way. Our own brain often blocks our view and sabotages our will to change. In “Brain Based Coaching” you learn to better understand and control your brain. Read more…

Development in companies

Consultants often put their model over an organization, so the organization adapts to a model…. Does that make sense? For me, it makes more sense to work out specific paths to success with the people who demonstrate their energy, their thinking power and their passion for a company every day, because every success story is unique.  Read more…