Write history

If you are still a blank piece of paper, who should write: you or someone else?
Rolf Dobelli

Human Behavior. Our tics & tricks, how we keep outsmarting ourselves to avoid evolving. Understanding more and more what our brain needs to change and using that for personal development. This is pure fascination for me.

In my coaching sessions, I combine the findings of cognitive neuroscience and the methods of different coaching schools with my many years of experience in business, individually adapted to the needs of my clients. Always with the goal of facilitating a next step into a good personal future, be it professional or private.

Because sometimes it happens to each of us that an issue, a person or a situation has us firmly in its grip, so that it is difficult for us to answer the question “how are you?” with a sincere “good”. In such moments, we don’t need advice, we don’t need “it will work out.” We need a person who supports us in finding our own, individual way; a person who is neutral towards us, takes us seriously and sees our resources and potentials. Whatever is on your mind, I look forward to meeting you!

My customers put it this way:

“You always make me laugh even in the trickiest situations or most challenging hours. And that’s what gives heavy things a certain lightness and brings cheerfulness into life – thank you for that!”

“You approach everyone with respect and can respect other opinions and attitudes even if you disagree with them.”

“You help others sort out their thoughts and issues and refocus. You don’t get lost in your statements, but get to the point quickly and create clarity.”

“I was in a quandary professionally, disappointed expectations, lack of recognition and seemingly uninfluenceable power relations. With your very practical support and your insight in a situation that was no longer transparent to myself, I was able to breathe freely again, sharpen my focus and reposition myself.”