I change the world by being the most authentic version of myself. That alone inspires others to stay true to their own hearts. And that changes the world.
John Strelecky

About Silke Goos


get to the heart of complex issues
recognize the essentials
create order in minds
make connections visible


fundierte Lösungen erarbeiten
Verantwortung übernehmen
die Ärmel hochkrempeln
diszipliniert arbeiten
konsequent dranbleiben


Give people a vision
move with enthusiasm
the engine to overcome obstacles
be passionate about what we do
finding unusual solutions


In more than 20 years of my professional career, I have been able to move, change and shape a lot. Initially in the B2B industry, then many years in the consumer goods industry, first in various marketing positions, then 11 years as managing director.

I have realigned and developed brands,
I have initiated and led change processes in companies.
I was and am energetic in implementing plans.
Leadership and motivation of people were entrusted to me at a young age.

My professional career is characterized by challenges I have taken on, the inner drive to further develop myself and the issues entrusted to me, and the firm belief that the majority of problems represent hidden opportunities.

Education and training

Studies of Business Administration at the JKU Linz

Main further education:
Certificate Neuroscience for Business (MIT)
Certificate Brain Based Coaching & Conversation Skills  (Neuroleadership Institute NY)
Diploma Learning Trainer with neuro-pedagogical competence (ifmes)
Advanced training PEP® (nach Dr. Bohne)
Diploma “Solution Focused Coaching and Consulting” (Solution Management Center Vienna)
Diploma Neuromental Trainer (Academy for Neuromental Training®)
Diploma Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (ÖTZ Vienna)

My companions describe me like this:

“You are very visionary when it comes to setting direction and making decisions.”

“You are constantly on the lookout for new challenges through conscious change. Change is one of your companions and your inner drive, with the goal of always getting better and finding the best solutions.”

“Your view is long-term and strategic. You’re very good at sorting out what’s really important and relevant.”

“You are always appreciative of those who think differently and make your counterpart feel good about helping you form an opinion.”

“Being able to provide orientation and make statements to the point requires the ability to think analytically. You have that. You can abstract complex issues very quickly and recognize connections, gaps and interactions.”

“Your strong empathy allows you to quickly win others over and motivate them.”