Business nuts to crack

When the facts change, do you change your mind? Why? Why not?
Rolf Dobelli

20 years in the international B2B and consumer goods industry, including 11 years in the role of managing director of the Austrian subsidiary of a German group; the experience gained from a wide range of strategy and change processes, mostly actively initiated and led myself, sometimes also triggered from the outside, combined with specific training – this contributes significantly to my ability to quickly understand the challenges and needs of my clients and develop suitable solution tools.

The driving force behind my actions is always to enable the further development of people, ideas and organizations, to find tailor-made solutions with and for others and to ignite enthusiasm for doing.

My own enthusiasm is ignited when I accompany my clients in the areas of strategy, corporate and brand development, change management, organizational and team development.

And here, too, there is one or the other insight from social cognitive neuroscience that leads to an “Aha – now I understand why it didn’t work before” in my conversation partners.

Tell me about your current business problem. I’ll listen to you.
We decide if I bring the right expertise to the table.
I’ll work with you to develop a suitable process, a bulging method case, and all my experience in tow.
And then we go about finding a solution.

Every company, every person and every topic deserves individual solutions.